Pier-Nadeige Jutras


Pier-Nadeige Jutras

Operations Coordinator

Favourite activities
Having dinner with friends and… knitting!

Biggest dream
In my old age, to open a café/knitting shop somewhere in Nova Scotia.

Favourite way to practice French

I speak French at home with my better half, who was a French Immersion student.  That way, we both get to practice.

Favourite French expression
‘Ça te fait une belle jambe!’

Favourite Francophone artists
Jean Leloup, Pierre Lapointe, Serge Doubrovsky, Nancy Huston

How Pier-Nadeige arrived at French for the Future
Born in Montreal, Pier-Nadeige moved to Toronto at the age of fourteen.  She went to both French and English high schools, before returning to Quebec to pursue a degree in French Literature at the Université de Montréal.  After graduating, she worked within several cultural companies, most notably Cirque du Soleil and the Royal Ontario Museum. 

Becoming bilingual was, for her, truly life changing and it is therefore with great pleasure that she joined French for the Future, where she helps promote bilingualism, a cause very dear to her heart.  

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