National Ambassador Youth Forum 2009

The National Forum 2009 was a huge success!

This year, 30 students from 20 communities across the country attended the National Forum in Winnipeg from February 14th to the 17th.

Over the course of an activity-filled weekend, high school students from Whitehorse to Charlottetown gathered to discuss the benefits and challenges of being a bilingual youth in Canada.

It may have been freezing cold, but the sun was out and our intrepid ambassadors did not let something as silly as frozen toes keep them from having a blast at the Festival du Voyageur, exploring Saint-Boniface (Winnipeg’s Francophone neighbourhood) and dressing up for the delicious and delightful gala dinner. 

Through activities and workshops (ranging from a djembe drum circle to an informal discussion with John Ralston Saul), they learned about their roles as ambassadors and left with a sense of belonging, of responsibility, and of community.

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